Photographer in Warsaw

200 zł per hour

~ 60 photos/hour
- I give all the photos in 3 days
- Payment to the bank account after the photo session
250 zł per hour

- Shooting with external light, indoors and outdoors. Like in the studio
~ 60 photos
- I give all the photos in 3 days
- Payment to the bank account after the photo session

Hello, my name is Efim
Photographing for 13 years
Canon EOS R6

Support. During the photo session, I will not leave you alone with your feelings. I will help and advise.
Punctuality. I am not late for shooting. I do not violate the terms of transfer of photos.
Consultation. Before the photo shoot, we can meet, get to know each other and discuss the details of the upcoming shoot.
Privacy. Please let me know in advance if you forbid the use of photos in your portfolio.

5 easy steps

  1. Contact me
  2. Let's discuss the details of the photoshoot
  3. Photoshoot. I will help and suggest
  4. Bank payment after shooting
  5. I will send you photos within 3 days

Need a photographer in Warsaw? You are in the right place ;)

Cost of a photoshoot 200 zl. Payment after shooting. I issue an invoice and accept payment only to a bank account. I work exclusively legally.

See examples of my work. You can write to me and show examples of photos, how do you see your photo session, I will answer if I can shoot in a similar style.

I am an honest, positive and open person - I prefer to work with the same people. Ease of communication is a very important factor when choosing a photographer. I like to joke and laugh on the set, when there is a light and pleasant atmosphere, and the process of the photo shoot gives pleasure to all participants.

Every photoshoot needs preparation. Quality work is done as a team effort. I will listen to all wishes and offer my ideas.

Contact us, let's make it beautiful. P.S. I take pictures not only in Warsaw;)

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